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Never translate the destination address (also known as the target) in a link. The destination address is where a customer goes when they click the link. It's always shown in quotation marks and points to a specific web address.

HTML is sometimes used to give emphasis or additional styling to words or phrases, or to display symbols. You must translate only the words that are being styled by the HTML, and not the codes or tags themselves. Take a look at the examples to make sure that you understand what to translate and what you should leave unchanged.

In the following example, the <strong> tags are used to display text in bold:

In this case, you'd translate only the words On Sale .

On Sale

In the following example, HTML codes larr; and rarr; are used to generate left and right arrow symbols:

Here, you'd translate only the phrases Previous Product and Next Product .

Previous Product Next Product

In the following example, HTML <strong> tags are used to display the filename collection -sidebar.liquid in bold.

collection -sidebar.liquid

The filename here is a Golden Goose Low Trainers C0pEB
. You should translate the filename only if it's necessary to match the name of the file itself. For example, if you have created your own files, then you might need to change the filename in the HTML.

Never translate HTML tags or symbol codes. These are used by your browser, and are not seen by your customers.

Never translate CHRISTIAN DIOR VINTAGE Bow detail pumps CzyBq7UDR
tags, objects, or filters.

Liquid is the templating language that controls the appearance of your website in different contexts. Liquid content is always wrapped in one of the following sets of symbols:

For example:

In this example, you would translate only the text around the Liquid, and not {{ date }} .

Here's an example of a text field that uses a combination of plain text, HTML, and Liquid:

Although this example might look complex, the only part that you'd need to translate is the word on .

You can view and change any translation once it's available in your theme. For example, if a translation that you created is incomplete , then you can continue to make changes.

To view or update a translation:

Add to the translations in the current language or click Change theme language to choose another language in the NEWBARK Gold Charlie leather Brogues 4QEy8

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School Based Arts

School Based Arts

LTYC’s school based arts programs strengthen and supplement arts instruction in persistently low-performing schools. They offer students intense, rigorous training in the performing and creative arts at a pre-professional level.

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After School Summer Based Arts

After school, students enjoy positive creative, academic and lifestyle experiences with LTYC. Working parents rest assured that their children are in a safe, structured, nurturing environment. LTYC's 8-week summer program offers youths educational support, life skills training, mentoring services, meals, snacks, recreation and field trips. It culminates with a very special family event featuring awards and certificates.

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LTYC offers interactive, nurturing workshops in both important life skills and creative arts. These help students broaden their outlooks on various aspects of life, acquire new interests, and learn to become leaders and role models to other youth.

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Behavior Intervention

The Behavior Intervention Program (BIP) is a School Based program geared specifically towards children, adolescents and teenagers who need intensive services in a school setting.

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1:1 Arts Mentoring

1:1 Arts Support is LTYC’s mentoring program for youths in foster care and/or receiving mental health or social services. Through this one-to-one approach, young people can experience the many therapeutic benefits of the arts.

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Family Support

LTYC provides referral services, community resources, clinical social workers and Parent Empowerment Teams (PET) to help families overcome challenging home dynamics that may impact their children’s potential for success. Parents are integral to our process of measuring program success, and plan for the future.

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Professional Development

LTYC is now launching their Professional Development services with an emphasis on Art Integration and the Arts and Common Core. Through one time workshops, multiple sessions, or one on one coaching, participants will be exposed to hands-on techniques and strategies to implement into their daily teaching practice.

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Arts Education News

Visit thewebsites of these organizations for more arts education news.

• Arts Education Partnership

• Association of Teaching Artists

LTYC News Events

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Precious Joubert will be conducting a music movement master class at Hughe Browne.



Constituency Office: Margot James MP 1a Worcester Street Stourbridge DY8 1AH. Westminster Office: Margot James MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA


Stourbridge 01384 370574 Westminster 020 7219 7226


To learn how we use your personal data, please click Ash Studded sandals lBlFl2


To book a private appointment call 01384 370574. Margot also holds public open surgeries. For more information, click below.